If you are looking for a new way to enjoy certain times with friends while getting some exercise at the game, consider playing golf. Golf is a great way to be social and stay healthy. It can help reduce your stress as you walk in an open, natural, and pleasing environment. Also, golf offers a physical activity that can also reduce stress and improve your mental health.

If you have started playing golf; however, you have felt frustrated by the mistakes you tend to make in your game, you might need to consider a golf tutorial. Remember that golf is supposed to be an enjoyable time spent with your friends or family. In fact, you can play golf as a form of mental therapy. But, if you are fretting over a bad golf swing or a worsening game, it’s time to up your game to enjoy it once again.

Here are tips to help you with this:

Stay Physically Fit

Part of your strategy to maximize your golf game is to stay physically fit. Usually, a bad golf habit or swing has to do with being inflexible or having a weak core. Consider yoga to overcome these weaknesses and have a strong body perfect for golf. In case you don’t have time for a yoga class, perform simple yoga poses at home to help fight lower back pain.

Start with a Professional

If you are serious about golf, it’s important to start establishing good habits from the get-go instead of trying and fixing bad habits after you have incorporated them into your golf swing. Schedule a golf tutorial with a professional or purchase a golf video tutorial online. A professional golf lesson will help you build a strong stance and swing from the start.

Work on your Short Game

Around half of your shots are taken within fifty yards from the green. Your short game must be worked on. As you work on your short game, you get to practice easily.  Practices can be done in your backyard or the living room.

Invest in Gear Wisely

With golf, there is no need to break your bank to play. As a new golf player, you don’t have to own twenty clubs. Just begin with the basics and add on from there. Also, ensure you pick the right size for your putter. Remember to purchase a glove to prevent blisters. Also, your glove will help you develop the perfect swing.