When it comes to relieving stress, skateboarding is one of the best physical activities a person can do. But, when accidents happen, this activity can bring a lot of headaches.

So to ensure that accidents are less likely to happen when you’re skating, we highly recommend that you invest in high-quality skateboard bearings. These small devices can be a great help when it comes to reducing friction which is very important to ensure a safe ride. But other than that, skateboard bearing costs allow the axle on the wheels to turn, spin, and rotate, What’s more, they can offer a fast and smooth ride.

If you’re planning to invest in such bearings, keep in mind that they are available at different prices. Meaning to say, there is no certain answer to this frequently asked question “how much do skateboard bearings cost?”

However, it is worth mentioning that there are a number of factors that affect the cost of skateboard bearings and here a few them.

  • Competition

One of the factors that significantly affect the price of these products is strong competition in the market. The manufacturer usually matches the price with its competitors and will adjust the cost less or more than the others.

The manufacturer will also evaluate how its competitors react to changes in costs.

  • Buyers

Your behavior as the buyer also affects the cost of skateboard bearings. The product’s manufacturer gathers information on a regular basis from salespersons as well as retailers.

Buyers, on the other hand, affect price decrease if most of them giving negative feedback regarding the price, And if people are not buying the items. With that in mind, the manufacturer needs to make changes when it comes to the price so that more and more people will buy the product.

  • Materials

Another factor that affects the cost is the materials. Usually, skateboard bearings are made from either ceramic, steel, and titanium.

Among the three, ceramic bearings are the most expensive. But regardless of this fact, they are still a worthy investment, because aside from being a rust-resistant they are also heat resistant.

Nevertheless, you can still opt for titanium or steel bearings especially if you want to save. You have nothing to worry about because these materials also perform well and durable.


As a general rule of thumb, skateboard bearings buyers guide that are made from premium quality materials are relatively more expensive compared to those that are made from regular materials.